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This is a private computer facility protected by a security system. Access to and the use of this facility requires explicit, current authorization and is strictly limited to purposes of this organizationˇ¦s business. Unauthorized access or attempt at unauthorized access, use, copying, alteration, destruction, or damage to the facility's data, programs, or equipment may violate applicable law and may result in criminal prosecution or civil liability, or both.


1. You may access authorized resources via the URL links provided at the right-hand side of the screen. Please use the link where you are currently at or closest to your proximity to experience the best performance from this service. For example, if you're within the Asian region, please use the  Asia Data Center (APAC) option; if you're in the US region, please use US Data Center (US); if you're within the European region, please use Europe Data Center (EMEA).

2. Click on the URL link for the region you're currently at or geographically closest to your area. Then, enter your account info (for example,
DomainName\UserName) to enable the VPN connection to your destination.

3. If you encounter any problems on a link, please try the other provided links. Please select the next closest area to your proximity.

01.08.10 Added CN SVPN Sites.
04.27.09 Layout Update.
03.08.09 Move of to new Data Center
03.07.09 Move of to new Data Center

For access/ connection issues, please contact GISS via email or call +63 917 8447748.

APAC Asia Data Center APACsecurevpn
Nanjing, China (China Telecom) CNsecurevpn_c1

Nanjing, China (China Unicom)

EMEA Europe Data Center DEsecurevpn 
Ireland IEsecurevpn 
JP Japan JPsecurevpn 
PH Philippines PHsecurevpn 
US US Data Center USsecurevpn_ns

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